Impacts of Aging

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Lead Author(s): 

Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD, RMSK
Se Won Lee, MD

Supporting Author(s): 

Sylvia I. Watkins-Castillo, PhD

Some myopathies are more common in the elderly, such as inclusion body myositis (a type of inflammatory myopathy) and myopathy secondary to cholesterol lowering medication (statin myopathy).
Patients with myopathies survive longer with better care and the increasingly recognized negative impact of aging on physical function and quality of life. In addition to age-associated loss of muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia), weakness and fatigue of muscle from myopathy can be detrimental to independence due to mobility and activities of daily living issues.1

  • 1. Bell KE, von Allmen MT, Devries MC, Phillips SM. Muscle disuse as a pivotal problem in sarcopenia-related muscle loss and dysfunction. J Frailty Aging 2016;5(1):33-41. doi: 10.14283/jfa.2016.78.


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